Jackie specializes in sports massage, trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage. She is a member of the International Massage Association and TriPower Cycling Racing Team. Before her career in massage, Jackie competed as a full-time professional boxer and kick boxer. Watch out- she also has a black belt. With her incredible knowledge of the intricacies of the human body, and her exceptional attention to muscle fibers, we promise you’ve never experienced a massage like this before.

• Relief from muscle related pain (back, shoulder, neck, etc.)
• Restored range of motion by releasing trigger points
• Reduces dependency of drugs for pain
• Helps cleanse the body of toxins

• Enhances training
• Improves performance
• Reduces possibility of injury by keeping muscles flexible
• Decreased soreness through the removal of lactic acid

• Improved circulation
• Increased energy

• Restored sense of humor
• Reduces anxiety and depression

HALF HOUR ($30) Specific areas worked such as neck, shoulders and back.
ONE HOUR ($60) Most popular appointment, in most cases adequate time for needed therapy and relaxation.
ONE AND A HALF HOUR ($90) Same as one hour appointment with extra time for therapy as needed.
CORPORATE MASSAGES are also available at your worksite. 

Every person is different, and each massage session can be set up to meet an individual’s needs. Based on an interview and assessment, we will develop a personalized plan to focus on your problem area along with other areas that may be related. Together, we will come up with a plan that will most suit your needs and budget. Corporate chair massages are also available at your worksite. 

Massages with Jackie Starkey are available Monday through Saturday. 

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Jackie Starkey

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